A message from Art Kessler:

I am running for our School Board to enhance the current high level of performance in NSSD112 and address its long-term financial issues. NSSD112 is currently in a precarious financial position and suffers from several educational challenges. Despite having high reserves, projections indicate that state mandated and deferred maintenance on our buildings will deplete our financial reserves by 2018. The long-term outlook for the district is very bleak unless changes are made. Class sizes and student cohorts at some schools are impractically small.

These are the systemic problems affecting our schools, but from a more external perspective education has changed over the years and NSSD112 has not kept up with these developments. Our educational needs today are different than even a decade ago. The board needs to be in a position to understand and address these challenges. I would like to see the board work to come up with a long-term solution that will not just address the financial challenges we face, but also enhance the district from an educational perspective.

Because of my involvement in the Reconfiguration 2.0 Community Team, I have learned a tremendous amount about the District’s challenges and feel that the information I possess can be put to further use for the good of the district. It is vital that we put in place a board that can provide responsible leadership to solve the problems facing the district. I am asking for your support on April 4th, so I can be a part of the solution.

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